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Surgical Options

da Vinci Robotic Surgery performed by Drs. John and Ingrid Reyes

At Modern Ob/Gyn, our doctors are highly trained and skilled surgeons. As gynecologists, we focus on surgeries and procedures for conditions affecting women's health. Our doctors pioneered the use of gynecologic da Vinci robotic surgery in our community and continue to lead with their experience and excellent outcomes. You can trust that the surgeons of Modern Ob/Gyn will guide you through the evaluation, planning, and experience of undergoing surgery. We focus on reviewing your medical history and providing you with the information needed to make the best, safest recommendations for your surgical options. We will work with you to coordinate your care so that you feel reassured, confident, knowledgeable and safe going into any surgery.

Common Conditions Requiring Surgeries

Common conditions requiring surgical evaluation or management include the following.

Common Procedures & Surgeries

Common procedures and surgeries performed by our skilled surgeons include the following.

da Vinci Robotic Assisted Surgery (hospital-based)

All of our surgeons are trained and certified on the da Vinci robotic system which gives you the benefit of the most precise surgical management resulting in less blood loss, fewer complications, faster recovery time, and less postoperative pain.

  • da Vinci robotic assisted laparoscopic hysterectomy
  • da Vinci robotic assisted resection of endometriosis
  • da Vinci robotic assisted removal of ovarian cysts

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Laparoscopic Surgery (hospital-based)

Working through a few, small abdominal incisions, our surgeons are able to provide the best of minimally invasive surgical treatments. These procedures are typically same-day outpatient surgeries.

  • Laparoscopic tubal ligation (female sterilization)
  • Laparoscopic risk-reducing removal of tubes and ovaries
  • Diagnostic laparoscopy for evaluation of pain and/or infertility
  • Laparoscopic removal of ovarian cysts

In-Office Procedures

Many gynecologic procedures can be performed safely in our in-office surgical suite. With a dedicated team of anesthesiologists keeping you comfortable, you can benefit from no downtime, no discomfort during the procedure, as well as the benefit of avoiding expensive hospital costs. Your doctor will always review if this is an appropriate option for you.

Procedures we can perform in the office setting include the following.

  • Hysteroscopy, D&C
  • Endometrial ablation
  • LEEP (loop electrode excision procedure)
  • Hysteroscopic IUD removal
  • Other minor procedures including skin tag removal, labial procedures, incision & drainage

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Hysteroscopy (hospital or office)

Using a tiny camera, our surgeons are able to visualize the uterine cavity which gives us valuable knowledge as we assess, diagnose or treat common gynecologic conditions. Some hysteroscopic procedure we perform include:

  • Hysteroscopic removal of fibroids and polyps
  • Diagnostic hysteroscopy for the evaluation of irregular bleeding and/or infertility
  • Hysteroscopy, D&C for the evaluation of abnormal uterine bleeding
  • Endometrial ablation by Novasure or Hydrothermal ablation

Abdominal/Open Surgeries (hospital-based)

Our surgeons are also highly skilled and experienced in performing abdominal or open surgery. Typically, these cases require an inpatient hospitalization and a larger incision on the lower abdomen. Your doctor will always explain the best options for you at your visits and we are always prepared to provide you with excellent care.

  • Abdominal hysterectomy
  • Abdominal myomectomy

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Modern Ob/Gyn is proud to offer four beautiful and convenient locations in Johns Creek Medlock Bridge, Cumming Northside Forsyth, Alpharetta at Avalon, and Johns Creek Emory Campus for your appointments. We provide hospital care at Emory Johns Creek Hospital and Northside Hospital-Forsyth. Expectant mothers can be reassured that with our intimate, team-based approach to obstetrics, they will be cared for by physicians and midwives familiar with their personal story and will always have confidence and comfort at the time of delivery.