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State of the Art Surgical Options for Women available in Johns Creek

One of the Most exciting advancements of modern medicine is the use of minimally invasive surgical techniques. Drs. John and Ingrid Reyes of Modern Ob/Gyn of North Atlanta have dedicated their practice to this philosophy. "Minimally invasive surgery allows us to perform complex procedures through either small incisions or no incisions at all. Patients benefit by having less pain, shorter recovery times, and few or no scars. In office procedures also allow patients to avoid general anesthesia, hospital costs, and a stay in the hospital" says Dr. John Reyes.

State of the Art Surgical Options for Women available in Johns CreekThe most advanced surgical technique with use of the daVinci robotic surgical system allows surgeons to perform hysterectomies and removal of fibroids through a few small incisions and patients can expect to be home the next morning and back to their usual activities within a couple weeks. Recently, Dr. Ingrid and John Reyes were the first surgeons to perform robotic surgery at Emory Johns Creek which has the most advanced daVinci system available.

Minimally invasive surgery also refers to in-office procedures which include treatment of heavy bleeding with endometrial ablation and incisionfree permanent sterilization. "In office procedures are a safe and excellent option for many patients. It's great to be able to offer these procedures to women because they can get back to their lives so quickly, oftentimes even the same day. And typically, because these are seen as office visits, the cost to the patient is only their co-pay which makes such a big difference" says Dr. Ingrid Reyes.

Dr. John and Ingrid Reyes provide free monthly seminars to inform the community about these threatment options. "We both love to share this knowledge and experience with the community. It's best for patients to understand their options" says Dr. John Reyes.

Husband and wife team Dr. John Reyes and Dr. Ingrid Reyes of Modern Ob/Gyn are located at 6335 Hospital Parkway, Suite 204 in Johns Creek. To schedule an appointment or to register for an upcoming seminar, visit their website at www.reyesobgyn.com or call the office at 404-446-2496.

Four North Metro-Atlanta Offices

Modern Ob/Gyn is proud to offer four beautiful and convenient locations in Johns Creek Medlock Bridge, Cumming Northside Forsyth, Alpharetta at Avalon, and Johns Creek Emory Campus for your appointments. We provide hospital care at Emory Johns Creek Hospital and Northside Hospital-Forsyth. Expectant mothers can be reassured that with our intimate, team-based approach to obstetrics, they will be cared for by physicians and midwives familiar with their personal story and will always have confidence and comfort at the time of delivery.